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Protect your profits from bots and resellers.  MakerLynx puts you back in control of your digital and downloadable products.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3


Upload your PDF file to MakerLynx and instantly receive your custom MakerLynx link


Paste your custom MakerLynx link and in a separate PDF file


Upload the downloadable file with your custom MakerLynx link to your Etsy shop for sale

What is MakerLynx?

MakerLynx’s technology stops bots and thieves in their tracks to help you sell piracy-proof downloadable products online.

MakerLynx displays your PDF document on your customer’s browser screen without giving away any of your PDF files.

Why is MakerLynx the best tool to secure your Etsy shop?

MakerLynx is the first and only online tool designed to secure your downloadable products from bots, resellers and piracy.  MakerLynx technology allows you to share the contents of your PDFs without transferring the actual document.  MakerLynx also prevents right-clicking and copy and pasting shortcuts to stop bots from scraping your files to train AI or reselling your stolen IP on third-party platforms.

When you transfer a document via a book or PDF to a customer, you release some of your IP rights to the purchaser.  With MakerLynx, you do not transfer the document, thus making it easier to stop resellers from infringing on your IP rights. 

Stay in control of your intellectual property  by sharing your PDFs with MakerLynx.



How does MakerLynx stop pirates?

MakerLynx uses server-side rendering technology to stop bots and pirates from stealing your downloadables and reselling them online.

MakerLynx stores the PDF on its servers and displays it on the customer’s computer screen. That hides the document from web scrapers and bots, and thwarts resellers who attempt to sell your PDF on third-party sites.


Why can’t I just sell PDF downloads?

Information and ideas that you create are your intellectual property. In accordance with the legal First Sale Doctrine, when you give away or sell the actual document, you forfeit some of your rights as the copyright holder.  With MakerLynx, you never transfer the document.  It remains your intellectual property.


Can’t the pirates just copy and paste from the browser?

MarkerLynx’s server-side rendering technology is designed to prohibit right-clicking and copy and pasting, thus creating big hurdles to bots and pirates.  Sometimes, protection is just a matter of putting up a good defense and letting the bots and pirates move on to easier targets.


Is MakerLynx only for Etsy shops?

No.  You can sell your MakerLynx in your online store, your Shopify store or anywhere else you sell ebooks, pdfs and other documents.

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